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A digitized collection of the community's tangible and intangible cultural heritage

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Connected Heritage – A Cultural Heritage project towards Equal Development

Digital Heritage Collection is an online platform for sharing the collection of tangible and intangible cultural heritage of diverse communities, groups and individuals in Vietnam.

The Digital Heritage Collection is part of Connected Heritage project, a project Cultural Heritage towards Equal Development implemented by the British Council Vietnam since 2018 to create opportunities for the community to directly contribute to and benefit from the preservation of cultural heritage. This platform is made and coordinated by TUVA Communications.

Digital Heritage Collection wishes to become an online platform in the field of cultural heritage in Vietnam owned and created by users themselves, with the following main functions:

  • Learn: Introduce cultural heritage in many forms such as photos, drawings, short films, or audio files. This will be a useful resource for interested individuals to learn about the living cultural heritages of different communities in Vietnam, especially the lesser known and endangered cultural values. faded away. 
  • Share: allows community members, and heritage professionals to self-publish and share any content about their cultural heritage. The platform will be built as an open library and anyone can contribute content. 
  • Cooperation & development: information sharing on a range of activities including press meetups, online chats, information sessions, heritage storytelling or online contests to encourage the promotion of living cultural heritage to the public. This activity is scalable and provides opportunities for collaboration and development for researchers, experts in the fields of heritage, sustainable development, individual practitioners as well as community members. in Viet Nam.

In the year 2021-2022, the initial content of the digital heritage collection has been completed with 17 documents on cultural heritage and this collection is done through suggestions from community members in Gia Lai. Lai, Ninh Thuan, Kon Tum and Ho Chi Minh City. These are the same communities that Connected Heritage has worked and supported since 2018. This collection is aimed at the Bahnar, Ede and Jrai communities in the Central Highlands, the Cham community in the South Central region, and the community of artists and admirers of Southern performing arts in the Mekong Delta as well as communities, individuals and organizations interested in and possessing heritage throughout Vietnam. 

In the future, the digital heritage collection wishes to continue to receive community contributions from different localities in Vietnam on other types of intangible heritage and continue to be a place where individuals and experts interested in cultural heritage visit regularly to share information and exchange ideas. In 2023 – 2024, we plan to have seminars on cultural heritage, contests and podcast series on related topics.  

We invite you to explore the materials and share your legacy with us on this very platform. We hope that through our online activities and events, we will contribute to preserving and sharing the cultural heritage values of diverse communities, especially the little known and likely soon forgotten.

Information about the Connected Heritage project

Cultural Heritage towards Equal Development is an action research program run by the British Council in Colombia, Kenya and Vietnam, aiming to use cultural heritage to benefit all segments of society. The Vietnamese version of the program is the project Heritage Connections – work with cultural heritage, especially values that are little known or in danger of being lost. 

The big goal of the project is to contribute to the equitable and sustainable development of the heritage industry in Vietnam, specifically: 

  • delivering breakthrough innovations through electronic channels and capacity building trainings,
  • improving livelihoods for disadvantaged communities, 
  • increased interaction with heritage sites through networks, spaces and community engagement, 
  • creating an open and supportive environment through policy dialogue, economic models and typical management practices

In the period 2018-2021, the project consists of two closely related main components: Community Heritage, and FAMLAB (Movies, Music and Archives). Component One activities focus on efforts to preserve and promote cultural heritage in local communities, while Component Two focuses on the creative community at large – especially artists and audience – to help launch contemporary projects that interact with traditional values. 

From 2021 to the present, Connected Heritage continues to roll out with new initiatives including the Heritage Storytelling Toolkit – a community-built toolkit for communities to discover and retell their own stories. stories about its heritage, Community Cultural Heritage Challenge – supporting local communities to come up with ideas and implement activities towards the conservation and promotion of cultural heritage and the Heritage Digital Collection Product Connection. Through the diverse activities of these initiatives, Connected Heritage wishes to continue to support the community to benefit from the preservation of local cultural heritage values.

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